Powerful officials upset that their fake allegations, framing of google competitor exposed

In one of the greatest online frauds, a harmless google competitor was ruthlessly defamed, cheated and exploited when powerful fraud officials and their associates falsely accused the google competitor of cheating them, when actually the google competitor had never interacted with them, and could easily prove the same. As long as the domain investor kept her domains witha reseller registrar, the great defamation and exploitation fraud of the harmless google competitor continued which was very lucrative to top officials and their associates
Now the google competitor moved her domains to other retail registrars and did not face any fake cases, as the other registrars are more honest and do not frame , destroy the life of their loyal customers, making up fake stories .
This exposed the fake cases fraud of extremely powerful ntro, security agency employees and they are very upset that their great identity theft fraud is not likely to succeed, they are exposed as framing an innocent, harmless person. However one domain registrar got their .in terminated, and another quickly sold a large number of .info domains to avoid the wrath of powerful officials .
Name, designation of the powerful officials involved will be greatly appreciated.

Author: admin