Government pampers prostitutes, frauds, gives them great powers, salaries and faces financial crisis


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Since 2010 the indian government has shamelessly and brazenly pampered world famous google, tata sponsored lazy greedy goan prostitutes, frauds and given them great powers, so it is not surprising that it facing a financial crisis . The top government officials are extremely arrogant, have huge egos , are shameless liars and frauds, with no professional and personal ethics and decisions are taken based only on fake verbal claims not on actual financial data.

For example the indian government in 2017 has given great powers to google, tata sponsored goan R&AW employees slim obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc , goan gsb fraud 2012 diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, because some powerful fraud ntro employees led by j srinivasan, puneet, patel, parmar, and others enjoying their sex services are falsely claiming that the goan sex workers were their btech 1993 ee classmate, though medical records will prove that that the google, tata sponsored goan sex workers were not born in 1989 to give 1989 jee and get a btech 1993 ee degree

Another fraud is how the indian government is falsely claiming that indore document robber R&AW employee housewife veena, who is only looking after her house and family, has the resume, investment of a google competitor, single woman engineer residing in goa, to pay the indore fraud veena , a monthly government salary at the expense of the google competitor. The financial records including bank details, income tax returns are completely different, yet the indian government, R&AW refuses to check financial data and relies exclusively on false claims of powerful fraud NTRO, CBI employees . There are other housewives like nayanshree hathwar, naina, riddhi nayak, asmita patel and other R&AW/CBI employees who are again falsely claiming to have the resume, investment of the google competitor, yet no attempt is made to verify the financial records of each woman

The indian government is free to hire any citizen with their own resume however when it falsely claims that their sex worker and other fraud R&AW employees have the resume, investment of a google competitor , domain investor and obc bhandari engineer, it is very big fraud and defamation of the engineer, Why is the indian government pampering goan sex worker and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees duping countries, companies, and people worldwide that these lazy greedy fraud R&AW/CBI employees have the impressive resume , investment of a obc single woman engineer, wasting tax payer money in the process.

Many of these domain names are listed for sale, yet the 10 google,tata sponsored lazy fraud R&AW/CBI employees are least interested in paying the market price since 2010, they only want credit and a monthly indian government salary for making fake claims.Domain names are not a privilege they are a major expense and the government should purchase the domain names of the google competitor paying the market price, if it does not want the google competitor to own the domain name. Like any other investor, the google competitor will exit, if she is getting a fair price.

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