Security agencies, exploitation of women

Worsening condition of women in India due to atrocities of indian security agencies

The mainstream media in India, especially Times of India is extremely dishonest and delusional, refusing to acknowledge the worsening condition of educated women in India. Another newspaper reported on 4 December 2017, that the position of women in India had declined ten positions in the last one year in the world ranking, because of lack of jobs for women and low workforce participation.
It is mainly because well educated experienced women, especially engineers, small business owners are subjected to endless atrocities, defamation without any proof at all, identity theft by the extremely corrupt powerful fraud indian intelligence and security agencies who cannot be identified or held accountable, wasting crores of rupees of indian tax payer money in India.
Any of the victims of the atrocities of the indian intelligence and security agencies, like the domain investor who is legally and officially owning this website, can easily document and provide proof of the atrocities of the indian security agencies, however the indian leaders are only paying lip service to improving the condition of indian women, security agencies have the license to waste infinite indian tax payer money to destroy the life of harmless hardworking indian women, to enjoy free sex, get bribes and jobs for their mediocre lazy inexperienced relatives and friends with fake resumes.

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