Security agencies, exploitation of women

Indian security agencies, R&AW, Cbi, ntro worse than Pakistan in insulting indian citizens

The indian government which claims that india was insulted when jadhav’s wife’s shoes shoes were taken away ,shows its hypocrisy when it steals the resume, savings, correspondence of its harmless citizens to get google,tata supplied goan SEX workers,cheater housewives and other frauds R&AW/cbi jobs with the stolen resume, falsely claiming to own the stolen savings

However unlike te jadhav case, which is faithfuly parrotted by the cowardly dishonest indian mainstream media , no one has the courage to discuss the true news of the financial fraud,theft of indian security and intelligence agencies since 2010.

At least pakistan gave jadhav’s wife an alternate pair of shoes ,the indian security agencies., R&AW,cbi have not compensated the google competitior in any way at all after stealing the resume, savings of a harmles single woman engineer.

Can the indian mainstream media explain the double standards regarding insults of indian government

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