Security agencies, exploitation of women

Arrest of Vinod Moorjani indicates widespread harassment of people in India by indian security agencies

The arrest of NRI Vinod Moorjani in Mumbai only because of a misunderstanding and phone call, indicates that indian security agencies are ruthless in harassing anyone in India giving extremely flimsy excuses, wasting their time and sometimes ruining their life, though the victim is innocent.
The security agencies could have easily asked Vinod Moorjani, what exactly he had said, and let him off, however they preferred to arrest him, and then his lawyer was giving clarifications on his behalf
The domain investor owning this website has also been held a virtual prisoner by the security agencies allegedly bribed by google, tata since 2010,making similar flimsy excuses and stories, yet the mainstream media refuses to cover the story.
The security agencies will get their salary and pension, despite making many such “mistakes”, wasting indian tax payer money in the proccess, while their victim will not get any kind of compensation for the time and money wasted, loss of reputation.

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