Security agencies, exploitation of women

NRIs worried about fake arrest like Vinod Moorjani if they come to India

It appears that making fake allegations and fake arrests against NRIs and other wealthy individuals has become a major racket in India for the indian security agencies as they have a lot of discretionary powers, allowing them to extort money.
The arrest of NRI Vinod Moorjani in Mumbai only because of a misunderstanding and phone call, indicates that indian security agencies are ruthless in harassing anyone in India giving extremely flimsy excuses, wasting their time and sometimes ruining their life, though the victim is innocent.
So on a forum, another NRI said that NRIs are thinking twice about coming to india, because they may face fake allegations, fake cases and fake arrests from people trying to extort money from them
Another NRI said that he did not drive a car in India, because a fake accident may be caused, and he did not want to waste his time making multiple visits to india to attend the court cases related to the fake cases.

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