Security agencies, exploitation of women

When single woman bhandari engineers challenge the lies and fraud of brahmin officials they are tortured, falsely labelled a security threat

Since 2010, google, tata, ntro, cbi, R&AW are openly and brazenly involved in a major financial, online, domain fraud, sex racket, making fake claims about the investment, paypal account of a harmless single woman bhandari engineer, domain investor and google competitor to defame, cheat, exploit her, get their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends lucrative R&AW/CBI indian intelligence jobs stealing the resume, savings of the google competitor

Yet in a clear indication of the complete lack of integrity of top ntro, cbi, raw, google, tata, indian security agency employees, these officials do not have the humanity, honesty , grace and patriotism to admit their mistake, fake claims and continue with their lies and fraud, wasting indian tax payer money in the process
Instead they are trying to cover up the financial online fraud which started in 2010, stalking, torturing and defaming the google competitor, labelling her a security threat without any legally valid proof.

Domain investors worldwide outside india agree that the indian government, ntro, cbi, R&AW are involved in a major financial online domain fraud, as they do not want to pay the market price of the domain names, yet are making fake claims about domain ownership, paypal account. However indian security and intelligence agencies lack the professionalism and patriotism to be honest, admit the truth, and avoid damaging the reputation of india.

Almost all domains are available for sale for the last few years, however no one is interested in taking the risk of investing their money in domain names. Due to the lack of honest bhandari leaders and officials no one is challenging the NTRO, cbi domain, financial fraud since 2010 which can be easily proved checking income tax returns, bank details.

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