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This is Where We Are Going to Live

When my husband and I started looking for a new condo, I honestly though that we would find a place much quicker than what we did. I also thought that we would be able to move in once we found a place we liked and purchased it. Neither ended up being the case though, but everything actually turned out perfect. We found what we were looking for when we discovered a new development called New Futura. Even though it won’t be done for a couple of years, it is just perfect and we knew that we would not find anything better for us.

In fact, once we discovered it, we had no desire to even look elsewhere. We knew this was it. I fell in love with the actual condos. I was able to look at the different floor plans, and I knew that the four bedroom unit with five baths was the one for us. It has so much room, which was the main selling point. We have a three year old daughter and an 18 month old son, and this was perfect for them in every way.

While they would not care about having their own bedrooms right now, that will definitely change in a few years as they get older. The fourth bedroom can be used as a guest room right now, but I also know that I would not mind having a third child too. The guest room can be turned into a nursery at any time. What I like about this layout too is that each bedroom has its own bathroom, which is pretty neat. I love the idea of privacy, especially after growing up in a household with three sisters and just one bathroom to share. We no longer need to look, because this is going to be where we live.

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