Security agencies, exploitation of women

Empty old monk bottle left on terrace of google competitor by security agency employees in panaji,goa

As the criminal trespassing in the house of the google competitor continues in 2018, as part of the identity theft fraud racket, the google competitor found that an empty old monk rum bottle was left on the terrace of the house of the google competitor by indian government employees, probably R&AW/cbi/ntro employees in campal, panaji, goa.
The google competitor has not touched any alcoholic beverage in her life, and her family members in goa also do not drink old monk, so in February 10, 2018, she was surprised to find a small empty bottle
This clearly indicates that the idle government employees in panaji are wasting a lot of their time to stalk and harass a harmless private citizen with no powers. The google competitor had changed the lock of her house, this month, yet the security agency employees in panaji, getting bribes or honey trapped by bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, have again, made a duplicate key

This indicates that security should be further improved

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