Hiking the Side of a Mountain is Amazing

When my wife and I took the first of our casacarrascal.guided walking holidays in Spain, we started off slow. We did the moderate itinerary even though we are both physically fit because we knew that we needed to test the waters first. We had a great time with the hikes that we took, but we also knew that we could put our bodies through a lot more than what we did. There were no regrets because the hikes were fun and extremely interesting, but we knew that we were going to book another holiday and take the next level tour.

We looked at pictures on the website and saw where there was a ridge walk on the Malle De Llop, and it looked like exactly what we wanted. There was another part of the hike where there are actually seven peaks that are climbed, and that really got our adrenaline going. Probably the best part though was the Aixorta summit, because we were able to see the most glorious views that either of us had ever seen. Apart from the view, the most exciting part of the hike was when we had to actually climb up an actual mountainside.

The rush that we both got from that is like nothing we had ever experienced before. While we love to hike, and we have climbed mountain trails before, that was the first time we had actually clumbed a mountain that did not have an exact trail on it. We were tested to our limits on that one, and we came out feeling on top of the world. It looked like we were at that moment too! Needless to say, we have had so much fun on these hiking holidays, and we are definitely planning to go there again to explore everything that we missed on our first two trips.

Author: sph