Allegedly BRIBED by google, tata LIAR indian security agencies deny woman domain investor the right to a life of dignity CRIMINALLY DEFAMING her

Google, tata, indian security agencies are aware that a woman domain investor is alone paying for a large number of domains, and controlling all the domains. \

yet indicating the complete lack of humanity and honesty of indian and state government employees especially in goa, karnataka, they are BRIBING the extremely shameless LIAR FRAUD indian security agencies to abuse their powers and CRIMINALLY DEFAME the domain investor as an uneducated person denying her a life of dignity, which is guaranteed by the indian constitution
The domain investor is working very hard to pay Rs 4 lakh or more for the domain renewals, yet the well paid indian security agencies do not have the honesty and humanity to acknowledge the fact, BRIBED by google, tata they are HUMILIATING, DEFAMING her when they DUPE COUNTRIES, COMPANIES AND PEOPLE with their fake stories about domain ownership

Most of the domains are listed for sale, the well paid security agencies, ntro, raw, cbi employees can easily legally purchase the domain names, get them transferred to their name, yet for the LAST 10 YEARS these raw/cbi employees refuse to do so, MAKE FAKE CLAIMS with the help of LIAR FRAUD SECURITY AGENCIES who are openly FREELANCING for google, tata