security agencies openly committing human rights abuses massive financial fraud on single women has led to the Shradda Walkar murder case

Indian security agency employees are very well paid, getting a monthly salary with dearness allowance and pension, yet showing the extreme GREED, DISHONESTY, LACK OF HUMANITY , the government refuses to take action against its well paid employees who are openly committing massive financial fraud, human rights abuses on single women
without being questioned for more than 10 years
These top government employees will never target married women, they only slander, cheat, exploit, rob single women so young women are getting into relationships with men who abuse or even kill them.
Though she was a victim of domestic violence , Shraddha Walkar refused to leave Aftab Poonawala , resulting in her death. This is because the government atrocities on single women have greatly increased in the last few decades, with harmless single women professionals being targetted for harassment, financial fraud, human rights abuses, mainly because they are single.
Even the favorite sindhi scammer school dropout of security agencies naina premchandani openly boasted to a single woman that no one would harass her since she had two sons, the security agencies would only harass the single woman

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