Security agencies allegedly send married woman with cash bundles

Married woman in maroon outfit with cash bundles of Rs 500 notes comes and stands next to domain investor
Due to massive identity theft racket of government agencies, tech and internet companies since 2010,the domain investor is making her payments using cheque, since some banks are not enabling internet banking after RESUME ROBBERY by ntro/raw/cbi employees .
It appears that whenever the domain investor goes to the bank, government agencies are using this opportunity to click defamatory photos, videos. When the domain investor went to make cheque payment for taxes, the bank staff told her to wait for a long time. It appears that the delay was intentional, was used to ask the married woman with a large number of Rs 500 cash bundles to come and stand next to the domain investor to create the impression that the married woman was associated with the domain investor when there was no connection at all.
The married woman was wearing a mangalsutra, maroon salwar kameez, was carrying a smart phone with a photo of a young girl, probably her daughter as the background image,. This shows how ruthless and cunning the government employees are in generating images, videos for criminal defamation. Later haryana fraud mba hr raw employee ruchita kinge posted a photo of herself on instagram in a maroon outfit, indicating that the cash-carrying woman and ruchita kinge may be linked
It appears that the security agencies intentionally sent the woman, so that they could circulate defamatory photos

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