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Hiking the Side of a Mountain is Amazing

When my wife and I took the first of our casacarrascal.guided walking holidays in Spain, we started off slow. We did the moderate itinerary even though we are both physically fit because we knew that we needed to test the waters first. We had a great time with the hikes that we took, but we also knew that we could put our bodies through a lot more than what we did. There were no regrets because the hikes were fun and extremely interesting, but we knew that we were going to book another holiday and take the next level tour.

We looked at pictures on the website and saw where there was a ridge walk on the Malle De Llop, and it looked like exactly what we wanted. There was another part of the hike where there are actually seven peaks that are climbed, and that really got our adrenaline going. Continue reading “Hiking the Side of a Mountain is Amazing”

Getting Some Personal Body Work Done on My Body

I wanted to look better in short-sleeved garments, but I began to grow a couple of skin tags as an adult. I did not have a mark on me in my 20s into my 30s. Then I got a couple of skin tags at my neck and shoulders. It is weird how your body can grow these extra protruding areas of skin in adulthood. I wanted them removed, so I looked into aesthetic in Singapore to find a place that would do the minor surgeries using topical or a local anesthetic.

I found out when I was there that they could also help me with the acne scarring that was around my chin. I have been using extra makeup on that area for as long as I could remember. I have a daily routine that I do that covers it quite well. The thought of just getting rid of the acne scarring was extremely pleasing to me. Continue reading “Getting Some Personal Body Work Done on My Body”

This is Where We Are Going to Live

When my husband and I started looking for a new condo, I honestly though that we would find a place much quicker than what we did. I also thought that we would be able to move in once we found a place we liked and purchased it. Neither ended up being the case though, but everything actually turned out perfect. We found what we were looking for when we discovered a new development called New Futura. Even though it won’t be done for a couple of years, it is just perfect and we knew that we would not find anything better for us.

In fact, once we discovered it, we had no desire to even look elsewhere. We knew this was it. I fell in love with the actual condos. Continue reading “This is Where We Are Going to Live”