Month: December 2019

Goan bhandari goan bhandari R&AW employee slim sunaina chodan, her sister issuing death, violence threats in panaji, goa, yet only their victim is labelled a security threat

After goan bhandari R&AW employee slim sunaina chodan, her sister threatens domain investor with death for speaking in domain investor’s house
People are free to speak anything they wish in their own house, they may be rehearsing a play or practising a speech. there is no reason why anyone else should be listening or take whatever is spoken personally.

It is well known among domain investors, that indian government employees have falsely claimed that call girls, sex service providers own her domains, trading SEX for power, the domain investor can provide proof from various forums. Even raw has agreed that some women are hired mainly for sex services. On forums government jobs were also mentioned.
Since the domain investor is cheated of Rs 4 lakh annually due to government fraud for the last 10 years, she is naturally upset like other victims of financial fraud, She is talking to the people she knows about the sex racket, trying to end it
Yet indicating the terrible law and order conditions in panaji, goa, on 7 december 2019, goan bhandari R&AW employee slim sunaina chodan’ sister threatened to kill the domain investor if she opened her mouth in the house which the domain investor legally owns
This is second threat received, on march 28, 2019, goan bhandari R&AW employee slim sunaina chodan had threatened to bash the domain investor up again just for talking something .
The domain investor is a peaceful lawabiding citizen, she does not threaten anyone with violence like bashing up or killing anyone,. Yet in a clear case of discrimination, the indian and goan government is falsely labelling the harmless domain investor a security threat without any proof, while those who openly issue death threats and violence threats are pampered and rewarded by the goa, indian government, google, tata

After indian security agencies obsession with beauty is exposed, escort agencies rush to advertise on the blogs exposing this obsession

In addition to the excellent monthly salaries and pension, the indian security agencies are also having plenty of black money from BRIBES for abusing their great discretionary powers

After intelligence agencies world wide confirmed that ntro, raw, cbi, indian security agency employees are so infatuated with beautiful women that they will break all rules, shamelessly lie, are involved in professional misconduct, escort agencies worldwide are rushing to advertise on the blogs of the domain investor hoping to get the attention of these well paid powerful government employees

The escort agencies worldwide are aware that ntro,raw, cbi, indian security agency, employees are closely monitoring the blogs, to find proof of black money, money laundering, national security threat so one of cheapest ways of getting wealthy government employees as their clients, is by advertising on the blogs since the government employees are clicking on all the links,

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