Month: August 2021

Indian security agencies worse than the former Afghan army in corruption

One of the reasons why the Taliban were able to take over Afghanistan quickly was because the Afghan army was extremely corrupt, and the soldiers were often not paid their salaries due to corrupt officers according to the indian ambassador MK Bhadrakumar in So instead of fighting the taliban,putting their life in danger, the soldiers disappeared.
Though the mainstream media does not carry the news , indian security agencies are equally corrupt or even worse, making fake allegations of security threat without any proof at all against innocent, harmless citizens especially professionals from the poorest communities, without any legally valid proof, to criminally defame them, cheat, exploit, rob, torture them for the rest of their life
Like the mainstream media does not carry news of Afghan army corruption, it has also refused to cover news of indian security agency corruption. However victims of the government corruption, who loosing a huge amount annually because of government slavery, criminal defamation of bribe taking liar security agencies will continue to complain, so that people worldwide are aware of the harsh reality of living in india.