Month: June 2022

Rupee crashing to all time low against US$ of Rs79 after security agency fraud on exporters is exposed

Though india claims to be a democracy, in the last decade, government financial mismanagement, fraud levels have increased rapidly and no action is taken to end the wastage of indian taxpayer money for personal gain and hatred, abuse of power by security agency employees.
Instead of admitting that exporters are working very hard to make some money, security agency employees are abusing their powers to falsely label exporters as a security threat without any proof, harass, and torture them denying them their fundamental rights
This makes it very difficult for the exporter to focus on their business, they spend many hours daily trying to get justice, and this adversely affects their business. The government refuses to ask its well paid employees to end their atrocities on exporters, and this attitude has led to a fall in the value of the indian rupee against the US$